Electronic music production workshops in Berlin

We are organizing a series of electronic music production workshops in Berlin for a very affordable price and also a few workshops for free. This is a great opportunity for you to learn to produce electronic music with professionals without emptying your pockets!

Areas of focus include, but are not limited to creativity, productivity, workflow, performance, sound theory, music theory, sound synthesis, sampling, foley, acoustics, psychoacoustics, soundtracks, advertising, sound installations, Ableton Live, Max4Live, Maschine…

If you are interested contact us or join our mailing list. We would love to keep you informed of our forthcoming events.

StratoFyzika will do the opening performance of B-Seite 2014

The past month we were talking about StratoFyzika, an interdisciplinary collective crossing audio, visuals, movement and interactive technologies. We have been collaborating with them during their artist residency in Barcelona and we are happy to announce that the Experimental Sound Lab has been the main sound source of their new performance. =D

The piece draws on the boundaries of consciousness and subconsciousness at different sleep stages. The soundtrack has been created by Davic Nod and it represents these special states of the mind with abstract atmospheres and drones which at some point morph into rhythmic patterns and lead the piece to a very intense conclusion. There is a meaningful dialogue with movement at precise points, where the sound synthesis process reacts to the sensors’ signals.

The premiere date has been confirmed for March 15. StratoFyzika will open B-Seite Festival in Mannheim. This is really exciting!



ESL020 Abandoned Soundscapes by Marco Madia

Marco Madia was born in 1987 in Milan, Italy. After finishing high-school fine arts education, majoring in sculpture, he moved to Berlin, where he enrolled in an audio engineering course and started to focus on sound design. He collaborated with many artists from other disciplines in several art-oriented projects such as sound installations, soundtracks for movies and dance performances. His most recent work is Surface Waves, with Marco Barotti, constructed for Re-Make Festival in September, Berlin.


Besides his work as sound designer, he also has released some EPs. The most experimental so far is Music for Plants:



The proposal of Marco for the Experimental Sound Lab is a set of four cuts created with a granular processing of various field-recordings. The idea behind his pack is to create a reminiscence of far away sounds coming through the roof of an abandoned building full of reverbs, a sense of constantly dissolving sounds regenerating themselves through the space. Here is a preview of Abandoned Soundscapes, which will be out very soon:


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StratoFyzika is a really inspiring project researching audio, visuals, interactive technologies and movement. They are coming to Barcelona for an artist residency and now they are looking forward to the last days of their crowd-funding campaign. They ask for as little or as much funding you can provide, or even just to pass this video on to someone you think might like to contribute. They appreciate the donations giving tickets for their performances, personalized tutorials by Skype, free entrance to workshops, inspiration kits, a toast and private showing. Anything you can do helps!